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Life last spring and I may not be that lucky next time, but I don't need an army breathing down my neck while I'm trying to prepare. I think the idea is that they protect you so that you don't have to confront the Shadow Hunters at all. And what do you think the chances of that happening are? Good point. So, the sum of your complaint is that they're cramping your still, best sex toys right? When Tyler shot him a dark glare, Aaron's grin grew. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it's not my decision about how many best sex toys Hunters are on the property. The Head of the Hunters convinced President Dorn best sex toys and Headmistress Carson that having Hunters on the property would increase the safety of the students, best sex toys which is the priority of all staff members. I know several of the Hunters personally, and trust me, they're not all bad, even if their presence is inconvenient. Tyler narrowed his eyes in confusion as he asked, Don't you find it all strange that the man is so insistent on forcing himself upon this school? After everything that happened with Fieldman, that toys makes me uneasy and kind of suious. Normally, I would agree completely, if I didn't know that the Head of the Hunters is related to some of our students. His name is Jackson Porschman, and he is the very generous uncle of Natalie and Karissa Porschman. I've seen the family together in the past, and toys believe me, there's nothing that he wouldn't do to keep his nieces happy and safe. Still, I don't think that Natalie and Karissa are any happier with the situation than I am. I know I'm not the only student getting upset with the extra security, and everyone looks at me like I'm the sole reason behind it. And the worst part of all of this? I can't say anything to defend myself, not when those stupid Hunters keep looking at me like they're waiting for me to either explode or snap. Aaron shook his head, his eyes washing over with sympathy. I know it's hard, but the glares and gossip are just the students' ways of lashing out. Even those who didn't like Fieldman felt the sting of his betrayal, knowing that their friends or loved ones were being tortured by a man that they should have been able to trust. You don't have to like a teacher in order to trust them, and when Fieldman began abusing his job, he turned his back on all of you. He made what should have been a safe environment unsafe, but at least they didn't know about it. Because you, Alia, and Drake took away your clmates' sense of security, you three are the easiest targets to channel their anger and fear against, and of the three of you, you're the easiest to attack. Drake best sex toys is liked by nearly the entire student body and has a family whose terrifying retion will prevent most students from attacking him, and everyone is so terrified of what Fieldman might have taught Alia that they won't dare provoke her. Which leaves me, Tyler mumbled, his hands balling into fists. google Doesn't everyone realize that I'm not any happier about this situation than they are? It's not like I made it my goal to make an enemy out of one of the most dangerous men in the world and destabilize the school in the process. I wish everything that has happened with the Shadow Hunters was just a bad dream, but it's not like I could just sit by and do nothing